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Products part classification
 >  Pressure Instruments
  - Y (N)-BF series all stainless steel pressure gauge
  - YE (-BF) series membrane pressure gauge
  - YM Series divide pressure gauge
  - YX (N) C-BF series of electrical contacts
  - YX (N) GD-series optical electric contact pressure gauge
  - YXN-M series of seismic Magnetic electric contact pressure gauge
  - YXC-J series protection relays
  - YN-series pressure gauge
  - YA-Series Ammonia pressure gauge
  - YW-Series temperature gauge
  - Y (N) TZ-Series Remote seismic-type pressure gauge
  - YPF-B series full stainless steel diaphragm pressure gauge
  - CYW-150B Stainless steel differential pressure gauge series
  - YB-150 Series Precision pressure gauge
  - Y-Series General Pressure Gauge
  - XMT-Series intelligent digital display regulator
  - Digital pressure gauge
  - Instrument Accessories
 >  Temperature Instrumentation
  - WS (SX) - series of bi-metallic (electrical contact) thermometer
 >  Transmitter
  - YSZ-series pressure transmitter
 >  Industrial Instrumentation
  - Temperature and humidity control meter
  - Multi-function meter length of the counter
  - JSSR series of digital display double-loop relay
  - Electrical Control Cabinet Series
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Our company is located in Taihu Lake Economic Development Zone, specializing in the production of special pressure gauges and pressure transmitters.

Covering an area of fifteen acres, green scenery, walk through the shade after work, the lawn, the Yousi walk in the park, full of humane care; plant area of four thousand square meters, decorated with pink walls and blue, like exposure to sea and the sky; standard workshop bright and spacious, modern equipped advanced; talent CY mercy, management expertise combined group.  

There is a saying: "wide sea diving, the days of His Career." I plant strong technical force, over the years, accumulated rich experience in production and new product design, constantly using advanced technology, the introduction of the latest scientific research, product quality and variety continue to enrich and improve. Carry forward the spirit of technological innovation, the courage to develop new products to replace imported products to meet customer needs, many enterprises in a timely manner for the production, exchange section to contribute. Thus, much favored customers.  

I plant YN series of major seismic hydraulic presses are a number of domestic use hydraulic hoist; YBF series stainless steel pressure gauge, seismic electric contact pressure gauge, YM series of special type of diaphragm pressure gauge has even been a number of power plants, petrochemical use, especially in our products ship for the National Space Science afar One of Surveying and Mapping, Yuan Wang II gas wheel supporting unit, and withstood the test of the equatorial temperature of the environment, outstanding quality has been widely praised.  

"Product quality is the life" is my company operating purposes. We build a professional management and people
management, and focuses on accountability for quality inspection system. Total quality management system to make more scientific, standardized, and Our company has passed ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification.  

Through our years of efforts, more than twenty varieties of sea and sky instrument series, more than three thousand specifications, Our company has become a "variety, complete specifications," the production base of special pressure gauge. Haitian instrument has become a famous brand, widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, machinery, power plants, pharmaceutical, food and aerospace industries.  

Thanks to new and old customers, praise. We sincerely hope that the majority of domestic and foreign enterprises and dealers to establish more extensive business contacts and friendly, mutual faith, mutual benefit, continue to provide customers with quality products, fast service.
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